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Acne Cure
and Scars Treatment

Acne Cure Peel

BHA Cocktail Peel which works on acne causing bacteria , settles acne and causes resurfacing of skin and scar prevention

Ivory Acne Cure Medi-Facial 

Ideal for very Sensitive skin with acne promotes deep cleansing , exfoliation ,

nutrition , Oil control serum infusion and Brightens the face. 

Milia and Comedon Extraction

Scarless & Painless Removal of white heads and black heads and hidden comedons with care and precision


Advanced Scar Reversal with Micro-needling and Radio-frequency.


Acne Resolution Photo-Facial

Targeting Acne Bacteria with Photons and Laser Light , also helps in brightening and glow.

Face Regenerative Advance PRP 

Advance PRP for facial scars. with advance technique of injecting the PRP.

CO2 Fractional Lazer

Advance Laser for Scars Reversal , Undereye Dark Cirles and Neo-collagen formation

Skin Nutrition Internal  Detoxification Therapies

For internal detoxification , cleansing and fighting against body acne causing bacteria. Promotes GUT Health and internal cleansing.

Acne - Detox Argan Detoxification

Ozone gas works as germicidal for acne causing bacteria and settles acne.

Body Acne Treatment

Heals Back , Neck and Body Acne with Deep Exfoliation and Hydration.

Scar Subsition 

Semi- Invasive Technique of breaking of Tough rigid long standing scars, causing resurfacing of facial skin.

Accident and Burns Scar Reversal

Scar Healing , Neo-collagen Stimulation and Reversal.


Welcome visitors , Do Enquire about  our Acne-Cure Programs and Scar Reversal Programs with different durations customized as per your skin requirement.


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